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Exceptional Relationships

Relationships with our clients and peers form and nurture partnerships. The cornerstone of any partnership is the unwavering principle to ‘do the right thing’.

The Successful Investor

You have been very successful with your investments, whether it be the stock market, a business venture or real estate. As a result, you will incur a significant tax liability on death due to tax rules that deem your assets must be disposed of at their fair market value (unless such property is transferred to the surviving spouse). The tax liability on your various investments can significantly erode the value of your estate, and may create liquidity issues if such investments cannot be disposed of easily. Life insurance can provide the needed cash to cover these liabilities on death.

The Family Business

You own a business that represents a significant and growing percentage of your overall wealth. You have children who are active in the business, while others are pursuing different interests. You want to leave the family business to the active children and treat the other children “fairly” on your death. Life insurance will ensure there is sufficient capital to allow you to transfer the business to the active children, while making appropriate bequests to other family members.

The Growing Business

You are a shareholder in a successful business along with several other business associates. Your accountant has suggested that the shareholders enter into a buy-sell agreement that governs the purchase and sale of shares in the business on the death or disability of a shareholder. Life insurance will provide the required funds to give effect to the buy-sell agreement upon the death of a shareholder. This arrangement can also be structured to reduce the overall tax bill arising from the disposition of shares following the death of a shareholder.

The Philanthropist

You have been approached by your favourite charity to make a significant gift to its endowment fund. Unfortunately most of your capital is tied up in business ventures and other investments, and therefore you cannot make a sizable gift at this time. By purchasing an insurance policy and transferring it to the charity, you can claim the annual insurance premiums as a charitable donation and will make a large gift on your death. Alternatively you can retain ownership of the insurance and designate the charity as a beneficiary. This will create a significant charitable tax credit on death that can be used to offset other taxes.

The Conservative Investor

You have accumulated significant wealth for your retirement years. You have converted a significant portion of your assets into fixed income investments that fund your daily expenses. You are pleased to not have to worry about the ups and downs of the stock market, but would like to be earning a higher after-tax rate of return. By purchasing a life annuity along with a life insurance policy, you can substantially enhance your after-tax cash flow while alive, and the life insurance will replace the annuity capital upon death.